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Dr. Bear has two kids of his own, so he understands that both parenting and making time for your child’s oral health can be difficult. No matter what age your child may be, whether they are an infant having their very first appointment or a teenager who’s about to move out and begin adulthood, we make sure our treatments are fully personalized to them. Dr. Bear and his team are highly trained to serve the needs of children regardless of their age, so don’t wait to call!

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When your child’s first tooth appears, it’s at risk of developing decay! That’s why we ask patients to bring their child in either when their first tooth erupts or no later than one year of age. Keep in mind that appointments dedicated towards your infant are largely intended to solely introduce them to dental care and Dr. Bear, rather than perform in-depth treatments. It also gives parents a chance to ask any questions about oral care habits, diet and dental services to consider.


Toddlers can really begin to feel an energy boost now that they’ve learned how to run! On top of keeping up with them the whole day, you’ll need to make sure that their smile and oral health is in good condition. Thankfully, Dr. Bear is here to make that process easy. We love having enthusiastic and upbeat patients at our dental office, simply because we’re the same way! Our compassionate approach and clinical expertise are sure to make you feel confident about your child’s oral health.

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With your child beginning their time at school, their smile is going to be more important than ever for expressing themselves and making friends. As you ramp up your at-home oral care efforts, Bear Pediatric Dentistry is going to be right there alongside you, ready to provide personalized and customized care. Our routine dental checkups, cleanings, restorations, orthodontic options, and other services will help them achieve a smile they are truly proud to show off.


It’s not easy parenting a teenager. Not only are they going through dramatic changes in their life, but they are more likely to need orthodontics, which can dramatically change their overall appearance. The good news is our team can help your child keep their teeth free of cavities and gum disease, whether they have braces to maintain or not. The last thing they’ll have to worry about when it’s time for them to start a new chapter of their lives is their teeth!

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The dental office shouldn’t be a place that makes patients feel nervous or anxious. Dr. Bear and his team are here to make sure the child as well as the parent have a great stress-free appointment. We offer various levels of sedation dentistry in-house, and hospital general anesthesia if needed. We can ensure It’s one of our highest priorities to minimize anxiety and stress so that appointments today and decades from now are easier to complete.