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While your child is growing and developing, their mouth is showing signs of how their smile will look in the future. As an expert in pediatric dentistry and orthodontics, Dr. Bear can do more than just identify potential problems. He can also treat them early on and as necessary to ensure that your child’s teeth are straight as they get bigger. This is important, not only for their appearance and confidence but also for their long-term oral health. If your child could benefit from orthodontic care, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and schedule an appointment to discuss smile alignment with orthodontics or Invisalign in McKinney, TX.

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Did you know that the jaw and teeth are much easier to move while your child is young? These structures are still growing during this time, which typically means that it requires less invasive treatments to make adjustments. Phase 1 orthodontics usually starts while your child has some baby teeth left, but their mouth already indicates orthodontic issues. Basically, treatment entails wearing braces or other oral appliances for a period of time and then allowing the rest of the permanent teeth to erupt before beginning the next round. Overall, Phase 1 orthodontics can help reduce the treatment time and cost by managing the problems before structures are firmly set.



There’s a simple reason that metal braces have remained popular, even with all the new ways of straightening teeth available—metal braces work! No matter how severe your child’s misalignment is, traditional metal braces can make the needed changes at an affordable cost. But don’t be surprised to find that braces have improved since you were young. The brackets these days are smaller and more comfortable than ever before!

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If your teen is self-conscious about their appearance, which applies to almost every teen, Invisalign offers a way to keep their smile’s aesthetic while making subtle changes to improve alignment. These clear aligners disappear when worn and do not require major diet restrictions or special oral care routines. They simply wear the aligners, except when they eat or perform dental hygiene, and carry on with life like normal until they achieve the final results up to 18 months later.


You don’t have to wait until your child is in their teens to correct a misaligned smile. In fact, minor adjustments early on in life can reduce the total treatment timeline and require far less invasive measures to correct. That’s why Dr. Bear keeps an eye out for orthodontic issues starting when your child turns seven years old and can begin treatment right here in our McKinney dental office.

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Before your child’s permanent teeth erupt, it is important that their arch retains its shape and the space available so that the teeth can grow in a straighter position. To keep the space open, we may use a removable or fixed space maintainer. This oral appliance makes the already erupted teeth stay out of the empty gap, allowing the new tooth plenty of space and preventing the need for more drastic treatment later on.