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It’s no surprise that many children experience some form of dental anxiety. Whether it is mild or severe, this fear of the dentist’s office can lead to kids shedding many tears and parents left feeling distraught. If your little one is pleading for you to reschedule or cancel their appointment altogether, the team at Bear Pediatric Dentistry wants to help. As a pediatric dental office that offers sedation for kids in McKinney, TX, we provide nitrous oxide. This safe and effective solution has been around for decades and can calm their nerves and help them relax during their visit. If you believe your child could benefit from nitrous oxide, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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Safe, gentle form of sedation that works in just minutes

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Your child can resume normal activity immediately after the effects wear off

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Administered by skilled and trained dental professionals

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Nitrous oxide is a combination of nitrogen and oxygen that is odorless, colorless, and completely safe to use. For decades, dentists have found it to be an effective way to combat dental anxiety in both children and adults.

When bringing your child in for an appointment, they may feel apprehensive or even scared, but with the help of nitrous oxide, we can eliminate these feelings and help them receive the dental care they need without the additional worry and anxiety.

The process is quite easy, as Dr. Bear will have your child wear a nasal mask that is completely comfortable. Once the gas is turned on, your child will begin to inhale. Within a few minutes, they will begin to feel fully relaxed, and even as if they are floating. Once reaching this state, Dr. Bear will be able to move forward with the treatment with ease.

Once he is finished, the gas will be turned off, and the effects will begin to wear within a few minutes. You don’t have to worry about them feeling groggy or nauseous, so your child to return to school and resume normal activity.


Oftentimes, when children are scared or feel anxious about their dental visit, it can make it much more difficult for all three parties: the child, the parent, and the dentist. If your child has difficulty sitting still, Dr. Bear may be unable to effectively treat them for a particular problem. Fortunately, by using nitrous oxide, this concern is eliminated.

It is a fact that nearly 1/3 of individuals who have a dental phobia skip their regular appointments and avoid the dentist. While children cannot forgo these visits like adults can, receiving dental care without available sedation can cause them to have a traumatic experience that can carry with them into adulthood.

By introducing sedation dentistry like nitrous oxide to your child when they are young, we can help them better understand that the dentist’s office is not a scary place, and they can continue to enjoy a happy, healthy, and beautiful smile.

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