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As a father, Dr. Bear understands exactly how busy and unpredictable life with children can be. He strives to create a fun and stress-free environment for each family, helping them see coming to the dentist as a fun outing. He believes that every one of his patients deserves the same care he would give his own son and daughter.

Dr. Bear enjoys capturing his patients’ attention through humor, games, and storytelling. He engages them in their personal interests and gives them special care when they need it the most. He takes a preventive and educational approach to dentistry, making the connection with each kid on their individual level, and involving the parents in their child’s home care as well. Dr. Bear finds immense satisfaction in guiding his patients’ growth from toddlers to teenagers to young adults with a solid understanding of oral healthcare, confidence in their smile aesthetics, and trust in their dental health provider.

“My goal is to help my young patients live their very best lives!”
– Dennis Bear, DMD

Dr. Dennis Bear
Dr. Dennis Bear
young boy practicing brushing tooth model after pediatric dental exam


Dr. Bear was born in Las Vegas, Nevada and, as an Air Force brat, has lived in several states. He found his passion in healthcare from a young age by volunteering at memory impaired nursing homes for 10+ years consistently. He was constantly on the lookout for a sector in healthcare field that offered more personable and lasting relationships. Finally, he found dentistry.

After working as a family dentist for several years, he found his true calling in helping children. With the support of his family, Dr. Bear moved across the country and once again became a full-time student to receive a two-year training in the highly competitive pediatric dentistry specialty, which allows him to have the best tools and skills as an expert in treating infants, children, and young adults.

Dr. Bear believes his years working as a general dentist equipped him with invaluable knowledge and professional maturity that other pediatric dentists may not have. He has a deep understanding of human growth and development and is comfortable and confident performing some of the more complex pediatric dental procedures, such as the extraction of permanent teeth as part of a comprehensive orthodontic plan, root canal therapy on adult teeth, the soft tissue uncovering of an impacted tooth, and more. With the background of working as a family/general dentist, he has a strong clinical foundation as well as confidence in providing a unique perspective for treatment of our patients in that “not a child and not yet an adult” category. He offers custom dental treatment options that gear toward this challenging transitional age.

Dr. Bear is a Board-Certified Diplomate with the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry and a member of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. He maintains privileges at the Children’s Hospital where he is able to provide comprehensive dental treatment under general anesthesia. Finally, he is Laser-Certified by the American Laser Study Club and CPR/PALS Certified.


Dr. Bear obtained his Bachelor’s degree from the Florida State University and completed his Doctor of Dental Medicine education at the University of Florida (Go Gators!) He then practiced as a family dentist in Orlando, FL for three years prior to pursuing his true passion in pediatric dentistry at the University of Minnesota, one of the most prestigious programs in the United States. During his time there, he was elected and served as the Chief Resident for his program.

While gaining expertise during residency treating healthy children, Dr. Bear also received extensive training at the Children’s Masonic Hospital and Gillette Children’s Specialty Hospital to focus on children with special needs and a wide range of medical conditions.


Dr. Bear is thrilled to call North Dallas his forever home! He is happily married with two kids and an orange Siberian cat. When he isn’t busy chasing the little ones, he enjoys spending time with his family, barbecuing, biking, running, traveling, and doing pretty much anything outdoors. He is also an avid Seminoles fan from his days at the Florida State University.

Grilling vegetables


  • Dr. Bear knows many Disney songs and is never shy to serenade his young patients (princesses and princes alike) during dental procedures or even have a karaoke standoff!

  • Dr. Bear loves to play video games too! Gone are the days when he could play hours at length. Dr. Bear still manages to squeeze time to fight monsters regularly (please don’t tell his kids!) When “confronted,” he often attributes his outstanding dental work to his excellent hand-eye coordination from years of gaming.

  • Dr. Bear loves to watch subtitled anime and read manga! He keeps up with the latest shows and loves chatting about them with his patients with similar interests. His recent favorite is My Hero Academia.

  • Dr. Bear is an excellent chef! Cooking comes natural to him. Although his specialty is creating delicious and healthy daily family meals, he can easily follow recipes and whip up exotic cuisines around the world effortlessly.

  • Dr. Bear has a green thumb! He enjoys growing seasonal veggies/fruits at his family’s requests. His dream is one day building a green house in his backyard!