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We understand that you only want the best for your child’s dental care. Over the years, Dr. Bear has gotten many questions from concerned parents, ranging from topics on at-home care to specific treatments they aren’t sure if their child needs. No matter what your question might be, we’re here to help. If your question is not listed below, we encourage you to call our dental office to set up an appointment today!

When it comes down to it, children should be visiting our dental office once every six months in order to keep their teeth clean and catch any underlying concerns. Following each cleaning, we provide a highly concentrated amount of fluoride, ensuring their teeth remain healthy and strong by their next visit. We can also screen your child for potential orthodontic concerns. The sooner we catch problems that need to be addressed, the better off they’ll be in the long-term.

There are many ways to resolved damaged teeth at our dental office! Not only do we offer tooth-colored options specifically for filling cavities (all without changing the appearance of their smile), but we also utilize zirconia crowns for more serious cases of decay. In the event a tooth needs to be extracted, Dr. Bear has the expertise and technology to make your child’s appointment as comfortable as possible.

Dr. Bear wants to do everything that he can to make himself available to patients when an emergency strikes. Not only does this mean making time for same-day emergency visits, but it also means handling issues that many general dentists may not be able to resolve. This includes fractured teeth or general oral injuries. If your child is experiencing a dental emergency, don’t wait to call our dental office right away!

We understand that visiting a dental office can be worrying at first for a child, but they have absolutely nothing to worry about with Dr. Bear by their side. His compassionate and calming demeanor as well as his active enthusiasm in your child’s care is sure to make them feel right at home. Of course, if your child is struggling with severe levels of fear or anxiety, sedation dentistry is always an option as well.

Absolutely. We are more than ready to accommodate patients with all levels of special needs. This potentially includes sedation dentistry to keep them at ease during their appointment, but it also means taking the time to listen to their likes and dislikes. It means building a trusting relationship and proving to them that they can rely on Dr. Bear and his team to provide effective and comfortable care, no matter what service they need complete.

While there is a fair amount of crossover between general dentistry and pediatric dentistry, there are many treatments available at our dental office designed to help out your child specifically. A few of these include silver diamine fluoride therapy, frenectomies and lip/tongue-ties, pulp therapy, and offering advice for ending non-nutritive habits (i.e. thumb-sucking, tongue-thrusting, etc.)