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As a pediatric dentist, Dr. Bear understands that children require a special level of care that only comes from seeing a pediatric dental specialist. Over the years, he’s learned about what techniques and technologies will best aid him in this goal. Staying up-to-date is very important to both him and his team, which is why you can expect truly modern technology when it’s time for your child’s dental appointment. Learn more about our dental office technology below!

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We want to keep your child as engaged as possible during their dental appointment. The sooner they understand why their teeth, gums and overall oral health is so important, the easier it will be to get them into daily habits that protect their smile for life. With our handheld intraoral camera, we can do precisely that. This device takes high resolution pictures of their many oral structures, then displays them on a nearby monitor so Dr. Bear can explain to you and your child what’s happening inside their mouth.


One of the most important aspects of dentistry is preventive care. Routine radiographs with our digital X-ray scanner help us confirm how your child’s teeth are developing, identify any cavities not visible with naked eye, and whether or not they will need orthodontic treatment in the future. Additionally, they help us locate issues invisible to the naked eye, such as decay in between the teeth. By going digital, we reduce radiation exposure by over 80 percent, ensuring the safest scanning process possible.

boy having dental x-rays taken


One of the most advanced pieces of dental technology we include in the dental office is our Biolase soft tissue dental laser. Not only does this handheld device ensure a more precise result for treatments like frenectomies and pulp therapy, but it also makes treatment virtually painless for all patients. When carried by a trained hand, dental lasers can make your child’s treatments much easier to complete, so there’s nothing to be concerned about!